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Unique fashion mini hearing aids just arrived to Beeco!

The Unique 440 Fashion Mini (U – FA) features Widex’s most advanced technology including an automatic program that adjusts between nine sound classes, and an improved speech enhancement technology (Speech Enhancer RT). It also includes technology to improve listening in wind (Wind Noise Attenuation) and sound quality by boosting the high-frequencies (High Frequency Boost). It is a good device for those who have moderate difficulties hearing in background noise.

Key Features

  • AUTOMATIC PROGRAM (UNIVERSAL) Hearing aids automatically adapt clarity, comfort, and audibility settings across five sound classes (Quiet Without Speech, Quiet With Speech, Party Without Speech, Party With Speech, Transport With Speech, Transport Without Speech, Urban Without Speech, Urban With Speech, and Music).
  • DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES (HIGH-DEFINITION LOCATOR WITH DIGITAL PINNA)Microphones automatically adapt in each channel to provide improved speech understanding in background noise. Also mimics the physical characteristics of the pinna to improve localisation.
  • SPEECH ENHANCEMENT (SPEECH ENHANCER RT) Reduces background noise, and enhances speech in real time. Designed to improve speech perception in challenging listening situations.
  • Analyses the incoming signal and adjusts the hearing aid settings to keep speech audible when the hearing aid detects wind.
  • HIGH-FREQUENCY BOOST Improves sound quality for high-frequency sounds by boosting the frequencies above 6kHz.
  • PHONE PROGRAM (PHONE+) Helps understanding on the phone by streaming the conversation to both ears.
  • IMPULSE NOISE REDUCTION (TRUSOUND SOFTENER) Reduces sudden sounds to improve listening comfort.
  • PROGRAM TO HEAR SPEECH FROM DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS (FOCUS MODE) Allows user to manually focus the hearing instrument behind the wearer for when they want to hear the person speaking from behind them (e.g. passengers in a backseat, or someone pushing you in a wheelchair).
  • SOUND PROCESSING (VARIABLE SPEED COMPRESSION) Uses two compressors, working in parallel, to provide a more consistent speech understanding and listening comfort.
  • EXPANDED INPUT RANGE (TRU INPUT) Large input range (113 dB SPL) designed to improve intelligibility and sound quality, and minimise distortion.
  • SOFT NOISE REDUCTION (SOFT LEVEL NOISE REDUCTION) Reduces unwanted soft environmental sounds to improve listening comfort.
  • NOISE REDUCTION (NOISE REDUCTION SIS) Reduces background noise to improve listening comfort, while intensifying speech.
  • WIND NOISE REDUCTION (WIND NOISE CONTROL) Reduces wind noise to improve listening comfort.
  • IMPULSE NOISE REDUCTION (HAMMER DETECTOR) Improves listening comfort by suppressing sudden loud sounds.
  • TINNITUS RELIEF (ZEN) Uses fractal tones to help reduce the effects of tinnitus.
  • SPEECH LOCALISATION PROGRAM (FREE FOCUS) Allows the user to select the direction of speech, improving intelligibility without the need for you to face the speaker.
  • FREQUENCY TRANSPOSITION ((PERSONAL) AUDIBILITY EXTENDER) Shifts sounds from areas where hearing is most damaged, to an area with better hearing. Designed to improve audibility for those with poor high-frequency hearing.