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Audio Streaming to Hearing Aids


    COM-DEX is a stylish, hands-free communication device. You can connect COM-DEX to two phones.

    • Stream high quality sound from any Bluetooth device to Widex hearing aids
    • Hear your conversation partner clearly, either in noisy environments or at a distance
    • Control your hearing aid and microphone directly using Com Dex free app
    • Up to 8 hours streaming time
  • COM DEX Remote Mic

    COM-DEX Remote Mic is a stylish add-on to the COM-DEX solution. It can be placed in front of your conversation partner for discreet listening within a range of 10 meters. 

    • COM Dex Remote Mic is the answer to difficult one-on-one conversations in noisy environments
    • Your conversation partner can also attach it using the convenient steel clip
    • You can control and adjust the sound from COM Dex Remote Mic, or by using the Com Dex app. 

    CALL-DEX is an ultra-compact device for streaming conversations directly from your mobile phone to your hearing aids. 

     • Call Dex is extremely discreet, it simply inserts into the jack plug of your phone
     • It lets you stream up to 80 hours 
     • It is compatible with most mobile phones.

    Widex Phone Dex 2 is an all-purpose, cordless phone for Widex hearing aid users. It streams crystal clear sound directly to your hearing aids.

    • Phone Dex 2 is extremely easy to use. The only thing the user needs to do is hold the phone normally
    • Phone Dex 2 works as a conventional phone as well, that way friends and family can use the phone too
    • It has an integrated answering machine, so the user never misses an important message.