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TV Hearing Devices

  • TV DEX

    The TV-DEX is a user-friendly wireless assistive listening device specifically designed for enjoying TV and audio.

    • TV Dex offers real- time-high-quality stereo sound
    • No annoying distortion or echoes
    • It has a “Room off” function that allows the user to temporarily switch off the hearing aid’s microphone and hear the TV sound only


    Widex TV Play lets you enjoy outstanding TV sound through your hearing aids. It streams direct stereo to Widex 2.4 GHz-enabled hearing devices.

    • TV Play is easy to set up and has discreet design with outstanding sound quality
    • With TV Play, you can change programs and volume on your hearing aid, with an RC Dex control, or via an app on your smartphone
    • With the app, you can also balance TV volume with ambient noise or conversation.
  • Sennheiser Set 860

    Sennheiser’s Set 860 assistive listening device delivers crystal clear, enhanced sound to users with changing hearing needs.

    • The Set 860 is effortlessly simple to set up and use
    • Advanced wireless technology ensures a stable connection within a range up to 70 m
    • You can choose between three different preset hearing profiles at the mere push of a button
    • You can shift the left/right volume balance to improve sound for a “weaker” ear.